Hey there, we wanted to share that it’s time for the Voke app to get an upgrade in the form of a new product called “NextSteps”.

On June the 30th, the Voke app was removed from the app stores and all installed versions ceased working. We hope you have enjoyed the Voke app and it’s ministry impact. We are super thankful for the ton of lessons we learned over the past 9 years, much of these led us to delivering a newer product that is set to have an even bigger impact.

We really value your heart for innovative missional tools. So in one sense, it’s a little bit sad to say bye to the plucky little app “Voke” BUT its also pretty amazing what has grown out of all that hard work and your valuable feedback. In response to your feedback, you can see below that NextSteps has a lot more flexibility in how we can impact those around us.

It’s web based for a start – Its not a mobile app which people were clear was a major obstacle. This means NextSteps links can live across multiple platforms. The platform allows flexible video based story telling, giving users greater flexibility to craft interactive stories that lead to multiple outcomes that visitors get to choose.

Together, we’re here to help you continue on mission, making a difference in the lives of those around you. We invite you to stick with us and our work with the Jesus Film where we are continuing to roll out innovative missional software that helps you reach the audiences you care about.

In Christ,

Aaron from the Jesus Film😊