Smart Gospel stories that adapt to your audience.

Share interactive video journeys that will engage your leads and save you time by connecting to people with spiritual interests, and filtering out aggressive visitors. Get insights even from visitors who didn’t start a conversation.


Everything Starts with a story

The story Jesus gave us 2000 years ago is never-changing. Now we must consider how to share his story to an ever-changing world.

Same story various forms

Over time, the way God’s story has been told has changed: Spoken parables became written letters; Gutenberg printed bibles became spoken sermons over the radio waves; the success of film changed into the need for short clips. Now, spectators have become users, thanks to websites and mobile apps. NextSteps journeys deliver maximum impact within the web technology available today, combining text and media content with interactive storytelling. God’s story has evolved in how it is told, and can now be presented in a personalized way, reaching users more effectively.

Unlike linear social media stories, ours comes with a branching feature that can send your leads to different outcomes based on their answers and interactions. That allows you to focus your attention on people with high engagement and gives you insights into what people who never started a conversation with you think about content.

Sew a story to the field

Next Steps journeys are web links that you can share with any audience online. They can be shared on platforms such as Facebook Ads, Chat Groups, websites or QR codes. When someone clicks on the link, they will be directed to a story that looks like a social media app. Users will feel familiar with the interface and know how to progress through the story. Each story can have various outcomes depending on the actions the person takes at each step. People who are interested in your message will start a conversation. Abusers and rude people will not be provided with a chat option. Those who show interest but are reserved will be provided with an option to explore more.


Meet in Person or Virtually!

Every story requires a goal, which you can set yourself. Our templates are designed to start chat conversations with people on various messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, or any other chat platform. As a result, the journey may lead to a link to your resource or a form.

Ready To Use Strategies

We engage with numerous missionaries and ministries to identify the most effective online outreach strategies. We evaluate what works and what doesn’t, experiment with new ideas, and share successful strategies with you. Our approach includes using ads, interactive journeys, videos, case studies, and conversation starters to connect with people online.